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Mill Creek Studios, Mill Creek Studios Imago
4210 - Triumph Eagle Topaz
Stephen Herrero
Mill Creek Studios, Mill Creek Studios Imago
4216 - Courage Ram Topaz
4217 - Courage Ram Sapphire
4218 - Courage Ram Ruby
4221 - Cattin' Around
Cougar Sapphire
Mill Creek Studios, Mill Creek Studios Imago mill_creek_studios_imago001064.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001063.jpg
Mill Creek Studios Contemporary "Imago" line  - Sculptures in Stone.

The Mill Creek Studios Imago Sculptures line is the spectacular product of the imaginations, creativity and talent of Mill Creek artists Stephen Herrero, Randall Reading, Joe Slockbower, David Morales and Lawrence Oliver.
These beautiful flowing forms have captured nature’s delicate balance of form, color, light and shadow forever in stone. You will be proud to display in your home or office, this tribute to one of  nature's precious resources, our wildlife.
When I consider the stars, and the finely tuned immensity of the universe or stand in awe of the exquisite symmetry and beauty in nature I am overwhelmed by a sense of purpose and design for which there can be no other cause attributed than that of an intelligent and loving creator. God communicates to us through the work of His hands, and as beings created in His own image, He has given us the ability to communicate abstract ideas and thoughts through words, music, and the arts. All art, of whatever form, is born out of a need to communicate something, some idea, some emotion, some truth about the reality of the world we live in. In my case, if my work can speak truthfully, and with integrity about subjects I have chosen, and by inference testify of their Creator then I am blessed, privileged and grateful. I believe I speak for all the artists here at Mill Creek Studios that it is our hope that everything we do here enlarges the imagination.
Self taught artist Stephen Herrero, born in El Paso, Texas and currently living in California, is an internationally renowned wildlife artist and the owner of Mill Creek Studios Inc.
Mill Creek Studios, Mill Creek Studios Imago mill_creek_studios_imago001061.jpg
4222 - Oso Close Bear Onyx
4223 - Oso Close Bear Topaz
4227 - Soul Brother Wolf Moonstone
4229 - Living Water Eagle Sapphire
4230 - Living Water Eagle Ruby
mill_creek_studios_imago001059.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001058.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001057.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001056.jpg
4234 - Blue Note Wolf Sapphire
4235 - Blue Note Wolf Topaz
4238 - Supernal Eagle Topaz
mill_creek_studios_imago001055.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001054.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001053.jpg
4243 - Praise Elk Topaz
4249 Simpaticos Buffalo Topaz
mill_creek_studios_imago001052.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001051.gif
4261 - Northern Lights Polar Bear Bisque
4262 Tempest Horse Topaz
4263 Tempest Horse Sapphire
4266 - Aristocracy Elk Bisque
mill_creek_studios_imago001049.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001048.gif mill_creek_studios_imago001047.jpg
4252 - Loverboy Bear Topaz
4254 - Loverboy Bear  Onyx
4258 - Watertight Mallard
4259 - Voice Elk Topaz
4260 - Northern Lights Polar Bear Gloss
mill_creek_studios_imago001045.gif mill_creek_studios_imago001044.gif mill_creek_studios_imago001043.gif
4267 - Suspense Deer Gloss
4268 - Suspense Deer Bisque
4269 - August Moose Gloss
4270 - August Moose Bisque
4271 Voice Elk Topaz
mill_creek_studios_imago001040.gif mill_creek_studios_imago001039.gif mill_creek_studios_imago001038.gif mill_creek_studios_imago001037.gif
4274 - Northern Lights Polar Bear Gloss
4275 - Northern Lights Polar Bear Bisque
4276 - Aristocracy Elk Gloss
4278 - Suspense Deer Bisque
mill_creek_studios_imago001036.gif mill_creek_studios_imago001035.gif mill_creek_studios_imago001034.gif mill_creek_studios_imago001033.jpg
4279 - Suspense Deer Gloss
4282 -  August Moose Bisque
4283 Loverboy Bear Topaz
4293 - Slow Blink Bear
mill_creek_studios_imago001032.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001031.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001030.jpg
4294 - Bashful Wolf
4296 - Power Play Elk
David Morales
Art is perceived differently by each individual, but the outcome is the same for every artist. The artist desires the viewer to have visual interest and a personal connection to their work of art. Many elements of shape, volume, texture, value, illusion of motion and color are involved with the creation of art. I believe rhythm and harmony are the two main elements I place into each of my designs. Doing so brings in balance and visual unity with a sense of motion in each sculpture.
As the clay leaves my hands and takes form of what was first created by God, my hope is that His glory and work will be declared through my works of art.
mill_creek_studios_imago001027.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001026.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001025.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001024.jpg
2206 - Nai'a Dolphin Sapphire
2207 - Nai'a Dolphin Topaz
2208 - Nai'a Dolphin Ruby
2210 - Mano Kahakaha Shark Topaz
mill_creek_studios_imago001023.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001022.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001021.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001020.jpg
2216 - Kohola Whale Topaz
2217 - Kohola Whale  Ruby
2218 - Mano Kihikihi Hammerhead Shark Sapphire
2219 - Mano Kihikihi Hammerhead Shark Topaz
2211 - Mano Kahakaha Shark Ruby
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2220 - Mano Kihikihi Hammerhead Shark Ruby
2221 - Ho'omake Kohola Orca Whale  Sapphire
2222 - Ho'omake Kohola Orca Whale  Topaz
2223 - Ho'omake Kohola Orca Whale  Ruby
2225 - Hahalua Manta Ray Topaz
mill_creek_studios_imago001013.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001012.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001011.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001010.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001009.jpg
2226 - Hahalua Manta Ray Ruby
2227 - Mano Nui Great White Shark Sapphire
2228 - Mano Nui Great White Shark Topaz
2229 - Mano Nui Great White Shark Ruby
2230 - Superior Eagle Topaz
mill_creek_studios_imago001008.jpg mill_creek_studios_imago001007.jpg
2231- Superior Eagle Sapphire
2234 Quantum Cougar Topaz
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4285 Loverboy Bear Onyx
4295 - Like a Rock Buffalo
Mill Creek Studios, Mill Creek Studios Imago
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4272 - Sense of Place
Native American Gloss
4273 - Sense of Place
Native American Bisque
4280 -  Veneration
Native American Bisque
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4257 -  Veneration
Native American Gloss
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